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About us

About Us:


Welcome to BRAZFIT, a Norwegian online store with unique hand-made limited edition workout gears (Limited Edition), designed and developed and manufactured in our manufacturing facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

BRAZFIT's concept and business model is to bring the best of Brazil to Scandinavia, using unique colorful, high-quality workout clothes and products, with small series produced in Brazil, and sold to customers in Norway and Scandinavia.

The goal of BRAZFIT is to help as many people as possible in Brazil so that they can have a better life, in their daily work on producing BRAZFIT's products. In addition to creating jobs in Brazil, BRAZFIT also provides assistance to various groups and organizations in need of assistance, so that as many people as possible get an easier and better everyday life.

BRAZFIT is a company that provides unique, colorful, high quality workout and Fitness clothing for women and men. BRAZFIT designs, manufactures, exports, imports and distributes the goods in all possible market channels, and the products can today be purchased online, in sports shops and fitness centers.


We can also design and produce products for your company, sports teams, clubs, etc. Feel free to contact us.



The name BRAZFIT stems from its "rise" in Brazil, when BRAZFIT AS's founder and owner Carla G. Tunheim is originally from Rio. BRAZFIT = BRAZillian FITness



The story of BRAZFIT:


Carla G. Tunheim BRAZFIT AS's founder and owner is Brazilian, born and raised with his family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has always loved to keep fit and healthy by a healthy lifestyle and exercise, and this has always been a natural part of life her.


Ever since she was a little girl Carla always had a "designer germinate" inside themselves, and as you grow up on children, youth, high school and later University (Degree) was one of her great passions to design clothes for both training, every day and festive!


Early 1990s came Carla to Norway in connection with their studies. She also began Master Study at Stavanger University and worked as a teacher.


In addition to their studies, she said always been concerned with exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle, which led her to the local gyms in Rogaland. She has also worked as a therapist.


She discovered in training that virtually no Norwegian women use their colorful clothes on their trainings, almost all gone black Dyed workout clothes, totally unlike from what she was used to in Brazil, and this gave Carla idea of ​​being able to realize his dream:


Carla would design and produce unique, cool colorful exercise and fitness clothing for Norwegian women of all ages, shapes and forms, active and recreational athletes.


In this way we say that BRAZFIT is for everyone.


Although BRAZFIT was established in the 1990s it took the company long time before BRAZFIT launched and transmit as it does appear now today.

BRAZFIT its proprietor Carla G. Tunheim never do something "halfway" but everything will be 100 %. So when the company was established and a decision taken, Carla started up a comprehensive job in order to develop the company, this included getting knowledge about substance and quality, look at the production, competitors, market, design and much, much more ...


The way forward:

Summer 2016 has BRAZFIT 3 collections for women and first collection for men will be launched during 2017.

BRAZFIT continue to sharpen their sales via for years to come.

BRAZFIT should of course also safeguard the negotiators would have and the door is always open to new retailers, please contact us if you want to become part of our success.

BRAZFIT is and will continue to be known for:
• Colorful products
• High quality
• Limited Edition
• The right price
• Good selection
• Products You Love 



We in BRAZFIT welcome you as our customer, welcome to us and welcome back!